WOW – “World Of Worth” Membership

I created WOW so that your personal growth doesn't have to be hard or come at a cost. The moment you stop learning – you stop growing. WOW is the answer. You're never too busy to make time for yourself. Make yourself a priority – not an option.

Continuous mentoring feedback on your coursework!

Accessible globally – learners from around the world can become members!

Lifetime access – no expiration dates, deadlines, or additional fees!

One of the fastest-growing self-discovery platforms available!

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WOW + YOU-niversity
(one-time purchase) $99

Your Personal Growth Journey Includes: 

Access to the YOU-niversity designed with 52 courses and workbooks for you to learn more about yourself. These courses were created for you to do at your own pace. Learn from them and strive to discover more about yourself.

 Mentoring feedback on each completed course!

 Weekly Mental Mindset tip sent via email. This powerful tip will help you become more aware of your mind, thoughts, & emotions.

(4) Mental Mindset 1-Hour Workshops (Jan/March/June/Sept)



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