“My sessions with Chris were so beneficial! I took a leap of faith and made a career change from being a teacher. She helped me learn myself and my full potential and it truly helped me land the perfect job. I am so grateful for all that I have learned from Chris!” – Client, Katie

“Chris was a light for me in a dark time. I was a discouraged teacher who had to leave her dream career to heal her mental and physical health. I started talking with Chris about 4 weeks after leaving my job. She heard my story, affirmed my feelings, and helped me make goals for myself when I was having difficulty looking forward. She pushed me to look at who I wanted to be, what job lifestyle I wanted to have, and what skills I could transfer into a new job. She helped me the most with reflecting on and shifting my mindset from negative to positive with various exercises that I’m still using to this day. Overall, Chris is just a positive professional with so much wisdom to share. She truly helped me to crawl out of a valley and have the confidence to climb back up a mountain and land my dream job!“
Client, Morgan

"Coach Chris is the best! She has a way of understanding the psychology of work and how to approach the working environment in a way that promotes confidence and decisive action. I would highly recommend her 1:1 training!" – Client, Tom

"Chris is an expert in self-discovery, self-development, self-love, and self-confidence. She gives her heart and soul to help others. Her coaching skills are phenomenal. She really listens and gives quality mentoring."
Client, Kelly

"Coach Chris has opened our eyes as an organization to the importance and value of personal coaching. Offering her program has strengthened our benefits portfolio and provided true value to our team members. It has been a true differentiator in recruitment and retention and feedback has been very positive. This program has exceeded our expectations and Coach Chris’ passion, commitment, and dedication to her clients is evident from day 1. – Client, -K. Murphy, Vertek Solutions

"The pandemic has been rough and really shook the pillars of foundation in my life — in my career and my self-worth. From the moment I met Coach Chris we immediately connected due to similar experiences from childhood. She understands those with a trauma background and meets them where they are to guide on a path of spiritual growth, identifying what may be getting in the way, and how to go about reaching for what brings you happiness in your life…. no matter what that may be. She listens and deeply cares, going above and beyond to help you work out a problem or provide resources for deeper self-discovery. Thank you for being a part of the investment I made in ME!"
Client, Teresa

"I learned about Coach Chris on LinkedIn, and I am so happy I reached out. She is a gifted communicator and is able to ask questions that really help a person to learn and grow in the positive aspects of themselves.

As a person, I was feeling stagnant and not sure of which way to go. I wanted to move forward with something more creative and fulfilling in my life's work that I felt had meaning and purpose. Coach Chris was able to help me make a plan to go in that direction. I will be forever grateful. – Client, Brenda

"I have always thought that I needed to do everything by myself because I could not trust anyone to help me. I have struggled for many years and was about to give up when someone recommended Coach Chris. She first taught me that I need to take small steps and have quite a bit of patience! I don't feel like a failure anymore and I now feel that my life can make a difference. I take it day-by-day. I am so thankful for Coach Chris and was she has taught me so far."
Client, Drew

"I’ve had some accomplishments and God knows I’ve faced my fair share of obstacles. I’ve been able to get up sometimes when I fall, but other times I felt like I may never be able to.  That was until I met Chris Shaffer. From the first day of my life, she made me feel important and valued in a way I haven’t felt I can honestly say my whole life. I have known people for longer than I have known Coach Chris and she has taught me to look at life from a different perspective. Through a different lens. She taught me not to categorize my failures as failures, but as lessons. Coach Chris taught me how to manage speaking what I want into existence and saying what I want as if I already have it. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at first, but I tried it. After time I found myself smiling, laughing, and hanging out more with the people I love. It is me transferring that energy on to people in my life to enjoy the journey rather than worry about getting to their destination…it’s synchronicity. Something Coach Chris has taught me. – Client, Moses

I just started working with Chris and she has been a tremendous help to me. I have dealt with issues of abuse for many years and felt so much shame and anger. Chris helped me realize that I had the power to control how I react to situations in my life and she is 100% right! We worked on learning to forgive those that hurt me. I was forgiving them to release the negativity I had stored so deep inside me. I feel so much better and she is helping me build my self-esteem. Life has a new meaning for me now and I thank Chris for her support and guidance.– Client, Ellie

I’ve had issues with trust especially with men. In 2019, I decided to walk away from a relationship that I felt was not beneficial for me. I believed this individual really had no use for me and only wanted to be in contact if I initiated it and it was on their terms. Chris worked with me using her T2A2 method.  She first asked me how I felt about the situation. What really triggered this decision? The trigger was non-communication. My thoughts were that I felt abandoned and unimportant to this individual. My adaptation was to take the focus off myself and maybe that this individual was going through something the last few years that I wasn’t aware of. While I thought this individual was being selfish and superior, I realized that possibly this was not the case at all. I’ve decided to not look at the situation the same way.  Though the relationship is strained, it may one day be open and not completely shut off and I am learning to forgive.  What helps me maintain this outlook is the meditation Chris has constantly spoken about, as well a reading more books. I was more receptive to the meditation and it has calmed me quite a bit and helped me to stay focused and positive. My reading has increased as well. Chris suggested that I start reading more and stay with those books that are positive and supportive. This lead me to read her books Bliss and Thrive. These books have been a tremendous help in my spiritual growth. The content has allowed me to open myself up for more “light” and positive energies, as well as more peace, love, and calmness in my life. I highly recommend Chris to help guide you.– Client, Theresa

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris.  She has helped me realize how much our words, thoughts, and emotions have had a profound effect on our lives. In my life, when something goes wrong or if a mistake is made, I immediately think it is because of something I did, didn’t do, or say.  With Chris’ help I am focusing and looking deep within to discover where this reaction first reared its ugly head.  It is still a work in progress and I appreciate the coaching and guidance that she has given me. I highly recommend that you reach out to her for a one-on-one coaching session. – Client, Bella

Coach Chris has not only been a coach, but a life mentor. Lots of individuals can talk you through problems or share their insights to help you learn.  However, it is truly the gifted ones that have the innate ability to listen. To truly hear you and allow you to feel heard. To give you the opportunity to learn and grow, and only realizing after how much it truly means to you. She’s not only a teacher, but now a life-long friend.  – Client, Eliza

There are no words to express my gratitude for Coach Chris. I was in a very difficult situation and she was there with me every step of the way. It is amazing how Coach Chris was able to bring out the best in me. If you are looking for someone who can help you improve your life, feel better, and assist you in achieving your goals then Coach Chris is the one for you! I highly recommend her!. – Client, Robert



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