This workshop is designed to cover (4) areas in your life: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. The goal is to be balanced in each of these areas. There is more to our life experiences and you will have a stronger sense of force/energy.

Ability to heal from past traumas and experiences

Importance of movement in our body

Shifting negative thoughts into more positive thoughts

Shifting negative emotions into more positive emotions

How to experience more happiness and calmness in your life

Have to have more confidence and motivation to pursue your dreams

Work to uncover your limiting beliefs

Having a deeper connection with the Divine through your Spirit

Importance of meditation and the art of being still and silent

Project a higher vibration to the Universe and understand your energy levels


This workshop is designed to allow participants to explore multiple facets of “self” that will help YOU discover who YOU truly are. You will examine your life, figure out what’s missing, and take small steps each day toward fulfillment.  

Understand 30 different areas of “self”

Taking the time to know yourself

Understanding that your life experiences are a reflection of who you think you are

Understanding that all aspects of “self” need to be acknowledged and “owned” to feel whole

Appreciate the expression “ME, MYSELF and I”

The importance of asking some really tough questions to understand yourself better

Find what you are passionate about so you can uncover your life purpose

Life is a journey – not an end destination. You need to keep growing & learning each day



Over the course of 1 month (30 days), you will receive daily email lessons and accompanying workbooks. You will receive (1) Zoom mentoring session (30 minutes) halfway through your workshop (Day 15). You will also receive (2) email mentoring sessions at the end of Week 1 (Day 7) and at the end of the workshop (Day 30).  I will provide guidance and support that will aid you in getting the most out of this workshop.

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Workshops (one-time purchase) $299

Here's what you get: 

Daily email lesson and accompanying workbook

Zoom mentoring session (30 minutes) halfway through the workshop (Day 15)

Email mentoring session after the 1st week (Day 7)

Email mentoring session at the end of the workshop (Day 30)



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