With our self-discovery mini courses you will learn:

Understanding the importance of having a positive mindset

Understanding self-sabotage and overcoming self-doubt

Identifying what fears are holding you back in your life

Learning the importance of self-acceptance

Learning how to trust yourself and treat yourself with more respect

Importance of putting yourself first

Learning to set boundaries and how they will improve your lifee

Learning to become the best version of yourself

Embracing your passions (desires) and discovering your life purpose

Learning to connect to your Spirit and listening to your intuition

Understanding the way you think, feel, and behave in more depth

Understanding the true power of transformation

Learning to create short-term and long-term intentions

Understanding what direction you want your life to go in

Understanding that consistency and dedication are vital on a daily basis

Understanding your life roadmap and where you are headed in life



Over the course of 2 weeks (14 days), you will receive daily email lessons and accompanying workbooks. You will receive (2) email mentoring sessions at the end of Week 1 (Day 7) and at the end of the course (Day 14). I will provide guidance and support that will aid you in getting the most out of these courses.

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Mini-Courses (one-time purchase) $149

Here's what you get: 

Daily email lesson and accompanying workbook

Email mentoring session after the 1st week (Day 7)

Email mentoring session at the end of the course (Day 14)



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