A life coach’s role is to guide and support you along your self-discovery journey. Know that this is a journey – there is no destination. You will continually face obstacles along your path, but it is how you react to those obstacles that make a difference. It is a difference between allowing negativity and positivity to rule your life. Projecting constant negative thoughts and emotions will lead you down a path of self-sabotage. You will encounter more fear, anger, worry, doubt, and frustration that will result in a life full of struggle and stress. A life coach works to help you shift that negativity into more positive emotions such as gratitude, happiness, joy, and peace. By allowing more positivity into your life, you can encounter more synchronicities with the Universe that will lead you to your desires. Life will be calmer and much more blissful. Will it be perfect? – no.  However, if an obstacle does appear, you will have the capability to identify it and deal with it more positively. You will learn to not react but respond with a more upbeat outlook. Who doesn’t want that in their life? You may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true. Be rest assured that it is not. You were not meant to live a life of unhappiness. Your true nature is that of bliss. You will need to work to uncover any limiting beliefs that may be affecting your life. Working through them can be downright painful. Realize that this pain is temporary because you are shifting these false beliefs to newly created positive ones. You will need to be patient and trust in yourself that you dare to face these limiting beliefs and that they can be shifted. You are always going to experience negative thoughts and emotions, but they do not have to rule your life. You have the power to shift them – only you can do that. A good life coach will work with you to help you discover what is holding you back. Coaching can be thought of as a mirror – you are looking at yourself and holding yourself accountable. A coach helps you do that. They also help motivate you to explore, experiment, and decide – but they do not tell you what to do. The courses in this YOU-niversity are designed to help you uncover these limiting beliefs.  They are not meant to be done one time and that is it. You will revisit them after a few months to see what progress you have made. Utilizing a journal is also vital in your self-discovery journey. Each day make the time to write down what transpired that day. When you go back and read what you wrote weeks or months later, you will be amazed at the progress you have made. Go to Section 1 of your workbook to work more on this section.

Please send an email to Coach Chris to discuss coaching – Chris@journeytorealvision.com

Do I Need A Life Coach Workbook

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