Why You Need To Learn & Grow Every Day

Most people are spending their entire day rushing around trying to please someone else. The biggest struggle for them is making time for themselves. I struggled with this personally as well and did not comprehend that impact until I was well into my 50’s. Our lives have become so frenzied that we try to find the “easiest” way to prioritize our needs. The bottom line: you deserve more, and you need to start nurturing your own needs. We are such creatures of comfort, and we complain and blame but don’t do anything to discover what we truly need.

Put Yourself First

We make excuses because it is so easy to stay within our comfort zones. When you fall back on your excuses, it all boils down to FEAR. We are fearful of failure, the unknown, making mistakes, discovering things about ourselves, change, etc. Excuses and fears are best friends – they love working together! These fears breed excuses and the more excuses you have, the more fearful you become. What happens eventually? You could end up regretting not having taken advantage of more opportunities in your life.

Stop With The Excuses

Stop walking around stating, “I’m too busy”, “I’m not interested”, or “I will think about it”. Every single one of us needs to strive to learn and grow every day. Every day we need to project positivity and radiate happiness as much as possible. We allow negativity to consume us. We allow stress to overshadow our lives. This all stems from not understanding yourself. It’s time to discover more about yourself so that you can grow in life. You are not meant to live a stagnant life. You are not meant to just “survive”. We are all meant to thrive and fulfill our purpose during this lifetime.

Create The Life You Want

Don’t let excuses and fears stop you from achieving anything in your life. We all have dreams and desires, yet many go unfulfilled. Many go to their grave wishing that they had done more in their lives. Don’t let that be you. Learning and growing starts with understanding yourself better. It’s about asking those tough questions such as, “What am I afraid of?” or “What do I react more negatively to life experiences?” Make time to examine your life and figure out what’s missing. You can only create in the present moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Make time today to create your life vision.

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