Make The New Year About You

Every year most of us fall into that trap of creating a New Year’s Resolution. We list all of these things that we plan to start immediately on January 1st. By the end of the month, almost 92% of people have forgotten about their “resolution”. It’s time to rethink this notion of only making resolutions on the first day of each new year. We create these ridiculous super restrictive “goals” and struggle to be committed to them. Week after week you start backing off because you felt the pressure to go with the flow and create resolutions that did not resonate with you. People get overwhelmed with pressure because “everybody” is doing it. Many are not enjoying the process because they are in too much of a hurry to see results. Life is not an end destination – it is a journey. A journey of self-discovery.

Make 2023 A Year Worth Remembering

Reflect back on 2022 and list what you’ve achieved. What lessons you’ve learned. How you’ve grown. Use that to help catapult you into the new year. Feel a level of excitement at the new opportunities that will come your way. Make this a year worth remembering. Don’t obsess about what you didn’t accomplish – focus on what you want to bring into your life. Make time this new year to discover more about yourself. Work to enjoy your life more this year and start taking better care of your needs. Be prepared to capture memorable moments anytime and anywhere. Just stop and take a picture or relish the beauty of life. Work to live for each day.

Live Less Out Of Habit & More Out Of Intent

If you have not created your intentions – start today. Instead of jumping out of bed each morning to the sound of an electronic rooster, why not just lay there for a few moments and express gratitude for your life. Know what you intend to create in this new year. Don’t feel that being intentional is impossible. Don’t fall back on your bad habits – instead, focus on your intentions. Start small and keep working each day to manifest your intentions.  Staying consistent is the key. To shift away from bad habits, it can take close to 4 weeks. Let what you are doing feel natural instead of forced. Know that what you are working to create is for you. Be honest with yourself and be in tune with how you are thinking and feeling.

New Year's Resolution: Put Yourself First

Putting yourself first is not selfish. Resolve this year that you are going to commit to a practice of self-care. That you will devote time to nurture your needs. Work to remove negative factors from your life and don’t be afraid to walk away from anyone or anything that is not helping you grow. Caring for yourself is imperative. Know that when you allow yourself to get to a point of burn-out, you are not enjoying life – you are existing and in survival mode. Know that it is okay to take a break. Know what matters most to you. Review your intentions every single day and be unwilling to compromise when it comes to making your self-care a priority. Understand that taking care of yourself is the greatest act of kindness you can give. Love yourself first.

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